Saturday, 1 May 2010

Jackie Hampsie at Prima Magazine

I had a meeting with Jackie and her team while I was in London a little while ago to give her the opportunity to look over my portfolio and discuss the way they commissioned illustration and why.
Although ultimately my work didn't really suit the style of their magazine at the time of my visit they were all very helpful in suggesting other people I might try talking to to get a start. I was given a contact to talk to and keep posted with my work and I thought perhaps down the line after some more development I might mail them something again.

I didn't think I would be so different from what they might normally use for illustration (although this does seem a little limited at the moment) as the magazine actually has quite a strong, graphic look. They suggested I would need something more feminine for their mag and we discussed maybe doing some mock up's of articles from their mag using some past articles. It was suggested in-fact that they would have liked to have seen more mock-up's, or work actually printed in context to give a better idea of how I work throughout the portfolio.

This is something I want to do as I get more time to myself and less work from college and seems a good way to build up relationships with clients for future commissions or even in-house work.

She, along with her staff, was nice enough to suggest some other publications that I might try, some that are good for taking on new, fresh illustration to get a foot in the door and others that might suit my style more.
So, this is on my to-do list now.

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