Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Link to interesting Screen printing group

Since we've been given a brief requiring us to a produce a screen print I have been researching into the industry and finding groups that use this technique.
This sort of art is very much en-vogue with posters for rock bands at the moment. Here's a little company of illustrators I found whilst googling the other night, some really nice work I think.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

An introduction. post number one

Hi everyone.
I am an illustration student at stockport college , manchester, england.
Currently in our second year of a B.A we are all being forced to start a blog to inform you of our interests, ideas, plans for world domination e.t.c..so, here you go.
Hopefully of course this will be an informative learning process for all involved, full of interesting, bright ideas that push the boundaries of excitement to new levels....Or maybe I'm getting carried away..
My interests range across , well pretty much anything that is interesting at the time.. My studies have led me through a fine art oriented background, so I tend to be more interested in traditional styles. This isn't absolutely true of course as I am prone to working digitally for a large amount of my time ( as can be seen above). My wacom is an extension of my being... ;)