Saturday, 1 May 2010

Contact report: Nick Palmer at Computer Active magazine

I arranged a meeting with Nick a little while back to get some feedback on my portfolio and discuss maybe working for him.

When I eventually located their offices, I had a brief meeting with him and his assistant and they talked about the in's and out's of their job and the way the magazine worked.
Whilst they explained that their budget for illustration wasn't what it used to be they explained that they were still very interested and it was a largely enjoyable experience.
They explained things like their usual budget for covers, spots and repeat commissions in the overseas versions of their magazine. We talked a little about the normal timescale to give me a better idea of how things would probably work.
He did mention regular people that they use when time is short, when they can't think of anything themselves.

Whilst he was complementary on the whole I felt that my portfolio at this time was not as rounded as I would have like it to have been and could understand the slightly confused feeling I seemed to get from him as he looked through it.
I did however get a personal address for him and mailed him a pdf containing the best bits of what I had shown him.

This is something that I intend to do again further down the line to maintain contact and keep him posted on what I'm doing.
All in all it was an enjoyable, if slightly nerve racking, experience.

In at the deep end. You learn fast. Swim or die...

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