Thursday, 15 October 2009

I've been looking at various things this week in the realms of children's publishing.

The first is an author Rob Scotton who's book Splat the cat I have been using as part of my investigations.

The humour and likeability of this title showcase what I think are some of the most important qualities of a children's picture book.
Ther is a good synopsis and introduction to Scotton at

The story is delightful, but the comic nature of the characters especially Scotton's choice of awkward, spindly limbs and bent tales are little devices that give them so much life on the page.
Just going to the page for Russel the Sheep and looking at the role of awards for this title should show you how widely appreciated he is as an illustrator and creator in general.

There seemed to be a shortage of material on the author as an individual in my search, perhaps this is fitting of a children's illustrator. He does live on an island so he must be a little reclusive. I did manage to find a short light-hearted interview here.
The title was also mentioned in a top ten children's books of 2008 rundown at the Newe York Times taht can be seen here (it's at number 4).
Noting that is style appears to be heavily dependant on digital media gives me a little hope as I approach graduation.

Following on from this I began to look at his publisher, Harper Collins.
Also home to people like Oliver Jeffers, it seems like a nice place for modern illustrated children's books.
All I need to do now is win multiple international prizes in consideration of my work !

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