Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Culture Show

Just watching the culture show on BBC2 with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo and noted that there was such a large amount of children's films coming out recently.
What was interesting for me were Kermode's views on The Fantastic Mr Fox, or at least his comments on Rhoald Dahl.
He pointed out the dark side of Dahl's stories which made me think back to my current project, the deadline for which was today. I have been trying desperately to manage and balance the light and dark elements of my story into something that kids will find amusing but also be able to gain something from. Thinking back it sems to me that these evil characters always met their end in the most wonderfully inventive and drastic way, but also (usually), by fault of their own hand. Sort of reminds me of an ACME device or something...except I always wanted Wile. E. Coyote to catch the Roadrunner.

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