Sunday, 1 February 2009

New things.

A couple of books have been stirring my interest recently....

The first is Illustration now! A Taschen publication which may be of use to anyone who is trying to find contacts in the industry.It (the book) features examples of a few examples of each of the included artists work, together with a short introduction for them but it also has all the contact details neccessary.
Best of all though , for anyone feeling the crunch ( hasn't everything gotten more expensive!) the smaller version (pictured here) is available for around £8.

The next is a from the AVA series of fundamentals books, The Fundamentals of Illustration, by Lawrence Zeegen/Crush.
A guide on everything frominterpreting briefs and methodology in production to self promotion and creating a portfolio.
You may have seen recently in Varoom! that Mr Zeegen wrote the review of a recently released book entitled, How to be an Illustrator, by Darrel Rees and wasnt very kind. Well, from what I've seen this (fundamentals) is the superior publication... A little more in depth and well rounded.

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