Monday, 9 February 2009

Manchester gallery; Richard Goodall Gallery

Had a trip around the Northern Quarter in Manchester this weekend, as well as catching the interesting, introspective and very intimate Patty Smith film at the cornerhouse we managed to look around a few galleries and things.

Of particular interest to me was the Richard Goodall Gallery. Containing limited addition prints of many of the most wanted poster artists of the moment and various other bits of parephenalia originating from the illustration industry the wealth of inspirational material is astounding.

There is a large display display of screen an giclee print work available.
There are some amazing Aaron Horkey prints available for perusal there at the moment as well as work from the likes of Emek, Mike King, Nicoletta Ceccoli (for the more spooky among you) to name but a few.
There are some nice Tim Biskup prints available too for not too much cash.

All I could afford though was last years Jeff Soto calender, which at only a fiver wasn't too hard on the wallet!
It comes with stickers! Yay!

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