Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Texas Rex and the Zombie Hunters

This link is to our completed animation from the first few months of this year at uni in the 'moving image' elective subject classes. We learnt a few new pieces of software, namely adobe after effects and some new tricks with photoshop.
We thought it turned out pretty well, I was pleased with the way everything came together and thought we met our goals well.

Most of the scenery was made by Natalie (who i need to add on here somewhere , she is awesome and worked really hard on this). And Chris Madden (who I also need to add) worked on developing a lot of the ideas and concepts with us, then he and myself designed the characters to be used.

We all took differnet sections of the film to create and set off. The first 35 seconds or so are what I created with the pan across the deserted town and the character intro text and although a little infuriating at times they have worked quite well.
All in all we worked well as a team and it was an enjoyable experience.

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