Monday, 20 July 2009


Was browsing around and found this work Peepshow have done in conjunction with CBeebies...Promoting educational themes such as ethnic diversity the usage of different language and locations is backed up by the animations backdrops using designs derived from materials associated with the specific culture involved... It's all very pretty and the bold design is attractive and seems very appropriate for children's illustration. Using cut out shapes in a basic but fun kind of way and combining them with real time footage of children.

All of their other stuff is worth checking out too!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Some New Blood Discoveries.

After a thoroughly exciting trip to new blood I thought it was about time I began to post to my blog again after a brief hiatus whilst I was introduced to fatherhood.

Anyway that aside... I was introduced, as I mentioned to all sorts of new talent at the D&AD new blood exhibition. Whilst it was slightly dissapointing to realise that my own work (which recieved in-book status) was not on display at the exhibition, my page is there and my work can be seen here.

^ D&AD page of My work! ^

So, I've been busily sorting through some of the various handouts that were bestowed upon me at the exhibiton and some of my favourite discoveries were from Falmouth University;

Owen Davey has a really nice website with lots of well done illustrations with a heavy slant towards children's illustration.

He also has links to all his classmates. One of which is Bobby Cheung.

There is a whole array of new things that I want to post up here, so they will be up soon.