Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Some New Blood Discoveries.

After a thoroughly exciting trip to new blood I thought it was about time I began to post to my blog again after a brief hiatus whilst I was introduced to fatherhood.

Anyway that aside... I was introduced, as I mentioned to all sorts of new talent at the D&AD new blood exhibition. Whilst it was slightly dissapointing to realise that my own work (which recieved in-book status) was not on display at the exhibition, my page is there and my work can be seen here.

^ D&AD page of My work! ^

So, I've been busily sorting through some of the various handouts that were bestowed upon me at the exhibiton and some of my favourite discoveries were from Falmouth University;

Owen Davey has a really nice website with lots of well done illustrations with a heavy slant towards children's illustration.

He also has links to all his classmates. One of which is Bobby Cheung.

There is a whole array of new things that I want to post up here, so they will be up soon.

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