Thursday, 7 May 2009

Todd Lockwood

As you may have noticed I've been looking at quite a bit od fantasy art recently. On of the people who pops up most often is Todd Lockwood, his work will be well known by anyone who takes an interest in the Dungeons and Dragons type stuff and many try to imitate his style.
He started out as a commercial illustrative artist in the States before he got bored and moved into the realms of fantasy.
He displays great tecnical skill and his website is a great reseource with galleries, links to other great sites and also a large QandA section ( no doubt as an attempt to keep all the fanmail in check), discussing technical issues and the business of working in the industry.

He also has a usefull book for anyone intersted in character design and I've been getting through that recently, it's one of those things that you wish you'd read before you did your last project y'know?

There's usually a lot of story telling in his pieces, describing where a character comes from easily with just a few visual clues and I adore his painterly style (coming from his roots in traditional media). Generally there is a strong use of light and composition with his work.

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