Wednesday, 24 December 2008

What it feels like...

What it feels like to go through a plane crash then to walk away after watching so many people die... Not easy to express..
I feel this has worked well for me though. After a lot of discussion with tutors about how and what to express and generally trying to be more concise with my imagery I feel I have managed to blend together a few different ideas within this piece to produce an image that is an effective communication of an idea whilst also being quite a striking and emotive piece.
Being able push my abilities with the different softwares I employed to produce this was also good for me. I used a combination of Adobe illustrator for the plane drawing and the passengers and then some painting in Corel Painter and of course photoshop to collate everything.

It found it was important for me to retain some sensitivity towards this subject matter and I feel that the use of the fine art influences gives this piece a certain feel of sensibility.

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