Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Anthony Burrill

With a client list to die for and a fresh vibrant style Anthony Burrill's work has been catching my eye quite a lot recently.
A Lancastrian graduate of Leeds poly then a Graphics MA at the Royal College, he works with a range of media including illustration, 3d and video.
I was particularly interested in his 2009 exhibit at Kemistry gallery London entitled 'In a New Place'.
This consisted of perspex pieces that have a shiny fresh modern look and feel (see the pics).
I also noticed his recent video pieces and they are in line with the 60's psychedelic atmosphere of much of his work, with flat vector shapes and bold colours.

Ian Wright

The work of (mr) Ian Wright consists largely of contemporary portraiture, but also some clever graphic ideas. His work has been featured in gallery spaces and also in magazines making him someone interesting to look at.

This video shows him talking to It's Nice That about his work, including an interesting section on installing large artworks on interior walls.

Using everyday objects or those that relate specifically to his subject his work has a character that is intrinsic to it's style.

Hopefully he responds to emails.....

Lauren Moriarty

Although I missed her lecture at our college, I was pointed to the work of Lauren Moriarty and her work at the festival hall in particular.
An interesting application of coloured vinyl to these windows offers more exciting, cast shapes for the interior space.

Anthony Burrill

Hi Chris

Have a look at Anthony Burrills work spotted him in Eye magazine this month.
In an interview it seems that he has used Perspex for a few projects, window displays for Colette and Geometry in Nature.

Might be work a look or even to drop him a line?